choi lai fut ClassicWelcome to Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu Academy. We are a traditional Kung Fu school in Vista that Nick Head Shotteaches Choy Lay Fut as it was taught by Sigung Frank Primicias to Sifu Nick Wright. Our way of training is great for children as well as adults. Whether you are looking to simply gain effective self defense skills or push yourself to develop a stronger body, we can help you achieve your goals. We teach traditional Kung Fu which means we do not teach simplified techniques for self defense, and kickboxing for sparring. We will teach you how to use Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu and apply it for whatever situation you may need it for in order to defend yourself and others.


nick fist darkerChoy Lay Fut is one of the most effective and complete systems of martial arts that includes the use of long range and short range kicking and striking with the hands, Joint locks, take downs and ground defense to be used against multiple attackers and weapons.

We focus on preparing each student to build confidence in themselves and what they are learning so they will have the ability to use it if they ever need to. The traditional training methods of our school will help condition the body and mind to develop the strength and ability you need for self defense. We focus on a step by step progressive learning process to help each student grow while emphasizing health and mental strength for them to become not only better martial artist but a better person as well.